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Mold is encountered in almost all environments and is a critical decomposer in many ecosystems, but when certain factors take place and mold becomes excessive it can create numerous problems from building deterioration to allergic reaction to the occupants.

Excessive mold growth can be caused by a variety of situations though it usually gets down to having too much moister in the building. Moister can come from every direction into a structure, failures in building envelope, plumbing leaks, groundwater and improper air conditioning are just a few sources. Once the corrective measures have taken place to stop the water intrusion, CleanBuilding can start the remediation process. Our asbestos technicians are also trained in mold remediation as the procedures, equipment and personnel protection are similar or the same. Once the remediation is complete, we can finish drying the structural components with dehumidification, air movement and conditioning.

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Our team has over 100 years of combined experience providing mold removal services. Since day one, we’ve been using specialized equipment and techniques to remove every mold spore from your property safely. We’re dedicated to ensuring that it doesn’t grow back in the future. Moreover, we’re guided by compliant practices and the highest level of confidentiality. This is why hospitals in the area rely on us to handle their mold issues.

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