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Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral used in construction for thousands of years due to is many positive attributes, primarily its resistance to heat, chemicals and excellent pliability.  

It has been determined that the when the asbestos fiber becomes airborne and inhaled there is a possibility it can cause several sever illnesses including lung cancer and mesothelioma.

People are often surprised of the many different products that we encounter in our day to day lives that contain asbestos. Some of the products include floor coverings, acoustical ceilings, wall textures, siding, roof shingles, adhesives and insulations.

When left in place and properly maintained asbestos containing products may provide many years of service as asbestos products were of considered “top of the line”. When disturbance is necessary it is recommended and often required to have the asbestos removed by a licensed professional. Removal contractors must use trained and medically approved technicians to handle the asbestos in a manner that reduces and controls the release of airborne fibers. The engineered methods used by asbestos contractors for particulate control include isolation, containment, wetting of the surfaces/workspace, negative air pressure and HEPA filtration.

Asbestos containing materials must be properly bagged, documented, transported then disposed in an authorized landfill.

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An asbestos abatement company has the expertise to handle asbestos safely and prevent asbestos exposure to your family or staff. At CleanBuilding, Inc, our team is trained to test the asbestos following standard processes and industry regulations. In addition, our asbestos remediation service is offered with the proper abatement removal equipment to keep everyone safe from exposure.

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Since asbestos was used in many construction materials, there is a good chance you’ll find asbestos when renovating an older property. This is where it’s essential to look for an asbestos contractor team that can safely remove it from your property. Our service is available for residential and commercial properties in Winter Park, FL, and the Orlando metropolitan area.

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