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Lead Based Paint was utilized because of its protective qualities, durability, smooth finish and durability, but is also known to cause environmental contamination and negative health effects such as lead poisoning, a very dangerous illness caused by the ingestion of the heavy metal, lead. In 1978 the Federal Government banned lead based paint for consumer use but the product was widely used and very common in older buildings.

Lead based paint can be removed with chemicals, power tools with dust collection or media blasting. Some property owner chose to stabilize and coat the lead paint surfaces with specifically designed primers that aid in the adhesion of the existing paint and prevent the lead from leaching out of the paint. Methods vary depending on extent of the renovations, costs, level of desired restoration or historic preservation.

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When it comes to lead paint, even low levels of exposure can cause health problems, especially for children and pregnant women. That’s why if you notice that your lead paint is chipping, getting in touch with our team is the safest choice. Our lead paint removal contractors are trained to remove lead paint in a lead-safe manner. We use safe stripping techniques that blind the particles in the paint, preventing dust from happening and ultimately ensuring a healthy space.

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At CleanBuilding, Inc, we know that you have a lot on your plate. While this might be overwhelming, you can cross lead paint removal off your long list of tasks. Our services are designed to protect your health while safely removing lead paint on your property. Request your residential or commercial service in Winter Park, FL, or the Orlando metropolitan area.

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